Life Sciences Industry is constantly being challenged to meet the rising standards of quality and achieve compliance with rigorous regulatory requirements from FDA and agencies across the globe.

In-house systems, stand-alone applications, or spreadsheet-based systems have been used to manage quality and compliance at the departmental level. Such solution is difficult to scale at the enterprise level. To effectively overcome the challenges of FDA GxP compliance, enterprises need to take an integrated approach at the enterprise level. Integrin Enterprise Solutions can help your enterprise, operate at optimal efficiency and stay in compliance with the rigorous regulatory requirements from FDA.

Integrin Enterprise Solutions work with experts in the industry to create and maintain robust software platform and keep up to date with the changing regulatory requirements, so that our customers can rely on Integrin platform to stay in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Integrin is widely used in Life Sciences industry for supporting key processes and requirements for FDA regulatory compliance requirements including 21 CFR Part 11, Part 210-211, and Part 820 compliance.

Integrin tracks and records audit data as the event happens and enables customers to be ready for auditing anytime.

Integrin runs on GxP compliant infrastructure to meet the regulatory requirements of Life Sciences and other regulated industries.