Integrin supports reconciliation at Inventory Lot level for Controlled Substances on the fly.

Products & Materials are assigned unique lot numbers when they enter into the system i.e. when materials are brought into the System based on Purchase Order with the Vendor, a new Inventory Lot Id is automatically assigned to the system; and when this Inventory lot is used in Product Development for a work order, to produce a batch of Finished Product, a new Batch Id being assigned to the Finished Product Lot that is produced,

Integrin supports ability to key in actual quantity of the Inventory Lot, and system does a reconciliation with the quantity in System of Records and gives reconciliation at run time; This allows customers to find inventory discrepancies quickly and address the issue immediately.

It is critical that Inventory discrepancies are resolved at the earliest for Control Substances and Real-time Inventory Lot reconciliation support from Integrin can help