Food & Beverage

Integrin Enterprise Solutions provides end-to-end solution for the automation of enterprise processes in the food & beverage industry and performs a wide range of business management functions including Business intelligence, Recipe/Formula management, Supply Chain management, Sales & Manufacturing Resource Planning.

Batch tracking, for both ingredients and products, is mandated as part of recall management. Fulfillment systems must address the security and shipping labeling aspects. Each lot must be identified and tracked. The ingredients of each batch must be tied to their individual batch number as well. The system should support quality assurance (QA) testing. The protocols should be documented and implemented through the software. The QA system should randomly identify samples for testing and compare test results against norms. Both Food & Beverage ingredients and products can have limited shelf lives and the system needs to track expired and close-to-end-of-life inventory. Recalls are initiated for two reasons. First, a problem in the process causes a product to become tainted or contaminated. Second, an ingredient is tainted or contaminated. In either case, the system needs to identify all of the affected batches.

Integrin Enterprise Solutions works with the industry experts and created a specialized platform for Food & Beverage industry, and provides custom workflows and fine grained Traceability. Integrin is very customizable and adapts to the needs of your business and not the other way around.

Food & Beverage features,

  • Formula specifications for intermediate & finished products
  • Multi-level formula specification
  • Mix & Match formula and products
  • Bi-directional traceability by lot number and batch number
  • Tracking expiry/shelf-life of ingredients and finished products
  • Nutritional label based on integration with USDA database