IntegrinFnB is a software platform designed for food manufacturers to run their operations in compliance with FDA regulations.

IntegrinFnB supports integration with Nutrition database for Nutrition Facts to be included in Nutrition Facts Label.

IntegrinFnB supports expiration dating of Product / Material at Inventory Lot level. Inventory Lot Label can be generated from the system for labeling the material inventory.


IntegrinFnB supports bi-directional traceability between Materials and Products thereby helping in traceability and Recall Management as needed. IntegrinFnB supports reconciliation at the lot level for Control Substance inventory to meet DEA compliance.IntegrinFnB captures audit logs as the event occurs, and also supports Perform By / Verify By for critical events, along with date/time of the event, thereby complying with CFR 21 Part 11. IntegrinFnB Product Development or Manufacturing maintains lot level bi-directional traceability between Products, Intermediate / WIP Products and Raw Materials, with the ability to pick a specific inventory lot during Product Development or Manufacturing.

Access Control

IntegrinFnB supports Role based access control, making sure only authorized users can perform the assigned functions depending on the User Role. IntegrinFnB also supports multi-role user where a single user can perform mulitple roles, System Admin will be granted access to assign roles to other users.

IntegrinFnB supports multi-level recipe management and reuse of recipe and procedures.

Product Development & Manufacturing

IntegrinFnB supports multi-level formulation and can track intermediate or WIP items. Product Development / Manufacturing process and components can be predefined and scheduled to run on a preset frequency. IntegrinFnB supports Material planner to recommend batch runs based on current inventory levels and inventory minimums. Process Steps can be reused across different processes thereby avoiding duplicate process steps. Intermediate (WIP) Products can be checked into Inventory as separate Inventory Lots with a distinct batch number to maintain bi-directional traceability.